Derek Martin
By Derek Martin
August 23, 2018

Want an effective agile process? Stop obsessing about agile

There are many reasons to like the agile development process. Its focus on adding value to a “minimum viable product” in iterative sprints is a great way to avoid waiting until the end of a project to see if you’re on the right track. Also, its..

Related topics: strategy, execution, data, process, agile
Richard Fusco
By Richard Fusco
August 16, 2018

Five steps to achieving a modern data strategy

In an age where data is one of the most valuable commodities in the world, organizations across the business landscape are racing to build or rebuild their data platforms to make sure they are equipped to meet the demands of an increasingly..

Related topics: strategy, execution, data
Paul Bonington
By Paul Bonington
August 10, 2018

Data alliances are booming, and it’s only the first inning

In the mid ‘90’s I was part of a very successful internet media start-up. As we grew, and as the market exploded into hypergrowth, I recall our CEO (a baseball fan) constantly repeating this simple phrase, “and remember, we’re only in the 1st..

Related topics: strategy, execution, data
Adriaan Bouten
By Adriaan Bouten
August 2, 2018

Top B2B executives must find and defend their market 'white spaces'

Last week the Washington Business Journal published an article highlighting FiscalNote’s planned acquisition of CQ Roll Call, in which the author insightfully observed “The deal is just the latest example of a young upstart buying a traditional —..

Related topics: strategy, execution, outside-in, innovation
Jonathan Murray
By Jonathan Murray
July 26, 2018

Three keys to sustainable (software) development

Executives making substantial investments in new technology platforms and capabilities have a not-unreasonable expectation that their investments will have a lifespan of over a decade or more. This is particularly true for leaders of..

Related topics: strategy, data, software, iteration, modular
Mark Carberry
By Mark Carberry
July 19, 2018

Whose data is it? Navigating the shifting world of data privacy

We often hear about the power of data. When gathered, curated, analyzed and leveraged properly, good data becomes information and information can trigger optimized actions.  As a result, organizations can delight customers, connect members,..

Related topics: strategy, data, customerexperience, regulation, privacy
Len Gilbert
By Len Gilbert
July 12, 2018

Accelerate your business with 'data exhaust'

As modern digital platforms replace old publishing models, any organization that earns revenue from publishing should learn to leverage its own “data exhaust.” 

Related topics: strategy, technology, subscription, data, customerexperience, b2b, publisher
Dora Chomiak
By Dora Chomiak
July 5, 2018

Keep your team focused: Put your clients in the picture

Successful organizations stay close to their customers and adapt to meet users’ changing needs. Start-ups have to do it just to survive the next week. Established companies are able to take a longer view, but given the pace of change, they are..

Related topics: strategy, technology, engagement, selfie, picture, photography
Mike Mills
By Mike Mills
June 28, 2018

Your messaging has a shelf life: How to maximize the time-value of content

If you handle or manage your organization’s content, whether you work at a for-profit or nonprofit, you may occasionally feel stuck in a box: You’ve got some social media posts to push out, an annual report to finish, a white paper from Research..

Related topics: strategy, content, social media, social media strategy
Derek Martin
By Derek Martin
June 21, 2018

Five steps to a successful customer experience platform

By now you likely know all about the importance of the user experience (UX) in product design. Another angle on making your organization user-centric that’s getting more attention is CX, for “customer experience.” Simply put, CX seeks to give..

Related topics: strategy, execution, technology, process, Customer Experience, platform

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