Mike Mills
By Mike Mills
November 29, 2018

What to know, and avoid, to truly be a 'thought leader'

Does there exist, in the language of business and nonprofit leadership, any phrase more overused and yet misunderstood than “thought leadership”? (okay, “synergies” and “digital transformation” aren’t far behind, but you get my point). It seems..

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Adriaan Bouten
By Adriaan Bouten
August 2, 2018

Top B2B executives must find and defend their market 'white spaces'

Last week the Washington Business Journal published an article highlighting FiscalNote’s planned acquisition of CQ Roll Call, in which the author insightfully observed “The deal is just the latest example of a young upstart buying a traditional —..

Related topics: strategy, execution, outside-in, innovation
Len Gilbert
By Len Gilbert
December 15, 2016

Four Favorite “Big Company” Innovations

Innovation should not be reserved for digital players and start-ups. Agility in any businesses requires the ability and creativity to adapt to changing markets and customer needs. There are plenty of established legacy businesses that are..

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Adriaan Bouten
By Adriaan Bouten
September 15, 2016

Data is the ‘Oil’ of the Digital Economy

It’s become a business cliche but it remains true: data is the ‘oil’ of the digital economy. Data enables everything in the digital marketplace, it is the means by which every company or organization can become more effective, efficient, customer..

Related topics: data, Digital Innovation, innovation
Mike Mills
By Mike Mills
July 28, 2016

Nonprofits: Time to begin augmenting your reality

If you’re a forward-thinking executive for a membership-based nonprofit, chances are this summer's Pokémon Go craze has already given you one of those "a-ha" moments. That voice inside your head is correct: The same “augmented reality” technology..

Related topics: augmented reality, Digital Innovation, innovation, nonprofits
Len Gilbert
By Len Gilbert
October 22, 2015

My Top 5 Ways to Foster Innovation

The rise of the digital economy has made fast and continuous innovation a requirement of successful business. One truly innovative idea can bring down industry giants or disrupt an entire sector in only a few years, therefore all businesses must..

Related topics: agile, Digital Innovation, Digital Strategy, innovation

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