Richard Fusco
By Richard Fusco
April 12, 2018

Blending on-premise legacy systems with cloud computing

An object lesson in the Salesforce acquisition of MuleSoft

On March 20 Salesforce announced it had agreed to buy MuleSoft, a maker of API data integration software, for $6.5 Billion. The announcement was met with skepticism in some quarters, with..

Related topics: cloud, case study, legacy, data, saas, strategy, mulesoft, salesforce, Customer Centricity
Richard Fusco
By Richard Fusco
February 15, 2018

What’s next in enterprise technology? Get ready for Anything (as a Service)

One of the biggest challenges businesses face in their ongoing digital transformation efforts is modernizing core legacy systems. Quite often these systems are highly customized. They’re also running older versions of software, which can be..

Related topics: Digital Transformation, data, cloud
David Saabye
By David Saabye
November 22, 2017

Out of the box, into the cloud: Adobe’s transformation success story

Have you ever looked at your product portfolio or your business model and thought “gee, if we could start over we would do this totally differently and become much more successful”? And have you wondered what causes the inertia that keeps your..

Related topics: cloud, Digital Transformation, transformative

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