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Mapping the elusive 360⁰ customer experience

Imagine a complete view of every digital interaction you have with your customer. Imagine every step of the customer journey feeding data into your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database, powered by a marketing automation platform able to send personalized messages through your website,…

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Are you selling what your customers are buying?

Marriott sells hotel rooms. PepsiCo sells food and beverages. Nike sells shoes and clothes. Your business sells things too: news, software, professional services, widgets…whatever. But deep down most people aren’t buying these things. What they are buying is a solution to one of their problems. So,…

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Adopting a digital mindset—a note from dPrism’s CEO

Dear dBrief subscriber, We hope you’ve been enjoying our weekly e-newsletter, which offers original insights from dPrism’s top consultants along with a compilation of headlines from the best thinking across the digital landscape. As the new year kicks off, I wanted to share my thoughts about what…

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The third wave: Amazon’s new cloud services deeply disrupt traditional IT

Amazon’s announcements at re:Invent, its 2017 developer conference in Las Vegas last week, define the beginning of new era in IT. The company announced a raft of new managed services that enable customers to focus on extracting business value from their application investments without the demands…

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The big problem with your strategic plan? Shifts happen.

Look at the calendar. That far along in the year already? It seems only yesterday when your organization started January with a twinkling sense of optimism and a strategic plan that laid out the next 12 months with military precision.

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Trying to distill the buzz around digital transformation? Think customer experience and data.

In case you missed it, the phrase “digital transformation” is everywhere. Google it, and you will be presented with a list of nearly nine million links. That’s not as many as “big data” (64 million references), but it is quickly rising as the trending tech phrase of the past few years. As with most…

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Is your business digitizing or transforming?

Is your company in need of digital transformation – or digitization? There’s an important distinction. With digitization, you’re doing the same thing – albeit in a digital way – but are not producing new results. In fact, this usually just adds costs without increasing revenue. However, digital…

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Five Ways to Turn Customer Insight from “Nice” to “Necessary”

We’ve all been at companies that talk the talk but don’t walk the walk when it comes to the importance of customer feedback and insight. At these companies, client feedback is often stuck in silos (Customer Service, Account Management, etc.) and not really connected with the rest of the…

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