Jonathan Murray
By Jonathan Murray
February 7, 2019

Five keys to a modern operating model

Ask a dozen consultants what the term digital transformation means and you’ll likely get a dozen different answers . The term has become so overused and so lacking in definition it has become meaningless . This lack of clarity is..
Related topics: Digital Strategy, RPA, Agile Development, data
Hailey Swartz
By Hailey Swartz
December 22, 2016

Five Roadblocks that Separate Ideas from Execution

Product owners are often full of good ideas for improving customers’ experiences and satisfaction with their digital products or services. But there are also some common roadblocks that hinder successful execution of those ideas. Here are five..

Related topics: Agile Development, Digital Business, Product Development
Len Gilbert
By Len Gilbert
April 7, 2016

How to use Agile for Enterprise Project Planning

Big projects with big budgets and far-off goals very often fail. Like everyone, I’ve been involved with a number of slow-moving and expensive enterprise projects that consumed thousands of hours and tens of millions of dollars while adding very..

Related topics: Agile Development, approach, Digital Innovation, project management
Adriaan Bouten
By Adriaan Bouten
June 30, 2015

Agile isn't just for Software Development...

Agile methodology has become the go-to method of software development. Formally born in 2001, Agile is a management framework designed to accommodate the unpredictable and empirical world of software development with adaptive planning,..

Related topics: Agile Development, Digital Transformation, Project Managment

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