Derek Martin
By Derek Martin
August 23, 2018

Want an effective agile process? Stop obsessing about agile

There are many reasons to like the agile development process. Its focus on adding value to a “minimum viable product” in iterative sprints is a great way to avoid waiting until the end of a project to see if you’re on the right track. Also, its..

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Adriaan Bouten
By Adriaan Bouten
May 31, 2018

Data and agile – Key concepts behind the buzzwords all executives should know

Hepburn and Tracy. Gin and tonic. Yin and yang. Some pairs are just meant to be, especially when their combination is greater than the sum of their parts. Today, we should be adding “data” and “agile” to this list of inseparable pairs. While..

Related topics: strategy, execution, data, agile, productize, value-creation, iterate, waterfall
Adriaan Bouten
By Adriaan Bouten
March 30, 2017

Your employees are also your ‘customers’

You’ve heard it many times: Be customer-focused, understand the customer experience, and employ customer-centric design. The customer experience is one of the appropriate and needed aspects of the digital experience.

Related topics: agile, customer, employee, Resources
Mike Mills
By Mike Mills
March 9, 2017

The big problem with your strategic plan? Shifts happen.

Look at the calendar. That far along in the year already? It seems only yesterday when your organization started January with a twinkling sense of optimism and a strategic plan that laid out the next 12 months with military precision.

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Adriaan Bouten
By Adriaan Bouten
January 5, 2017

Eight steps toward successful “enterprise agile”

Large projects often fail. Many times, a lot of time and money is expended before that failure is recognized, simply because the projects are so large. So, while it is best to succeed, if failure is in the cards, it’s best that it happens quickly.

Related topics: agile, Digital Transformation
Len Gilbert
By Len Gilbert
December 15, 2016

Four Favorite “Big Company” Innovations

Innovation should not be reserved for digital players and start-ups. Agility in any businesses requires the ability and creativity to adapt to changing markets and customer needs. There are plenty of established legacy businesses that are..

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Adriaan Bouten
By Adriaan Bouten
August 11, 2016

The New Digital Economy Requires New Ways of Working

Take a close look at the structural differences between startups—and just about everyone else. Startups, which rely upon being quicker and more innovative than legacy organizations, have flatter hierarchies, more cross-team collaboration, rely..

Related topics: agile, digital disruption, Digital Innovation
Adriaan Bouten
By Adriaan Bouten
July 22, 2016

Digital is not just an update, it’s a new beast

At the risk of sounding redundant, I’d like to unpack the meaning of my assertion that digital is not just an update but rather a completely new beast. I’ve written about it before as it tends to be one of the hardest ideas for new clients to..

Related topics: agile, Digital Innovation
Len Gilbert
By Len Gilbert
October 22, 2015

My Top 5 Ways to Foster Innovation

The rise of the digital economy has made fast and continuous innovation a requirement of successful business. One truly innovative idea can bring down industry giants or disrupt an entire sector in only a few years, therefore all businesses must..

Related topics: agile, Digital Innovation, Digital Strategy, innovation

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