Persona non grata: Five marketing personas pitfalls to avoid

 Persona non grata: Five pitfalls to marketing personas and how to avoid them

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Blending on-premise legacy systems with cloud computing

An object lesson in the Salesforce acquisition of MuleSoft On March 20 Salesforce announced it had agreed to buy MuleSoft, a maker of API data integration software, for $6.5 Billion. The announcement was met with skepticism in some quarters, with analysts believing that in offering a 32-percent…

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To thrive, business publishers must pivot from being ‘nice to have’ to being ‘essential’

Business-to-business publishers have been battling digital and market disruption now for more than two decades – with varying measures of success. The main culprit of disruption is the rise of the internet, which has forever changed how content is consumed, and which has become a platform for rapid…

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Smart homes could be much smarter – here’s how

The smart home of today is great. I love being able to shout my commands to hear music or check the news, use my phone to turn on my lights, lawn sprinkler or security system and use my laptop at work to inspect the perimeter of my yard.

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Using Google Shopping Actions (and other tools) to beat Amazon

As readers of my blog posts know, I am a huge Amazon fanboy. After competing against them for 10 years at Barnes & Noble and being a heavy customer and Prime member for the last decade, I feel it is not hyperbole to say that they are the best  operation and execution company in the world, and their…

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It's not about digital

When the internet emerged as a new channel for content providers many publishing companies created “new media” divisions. Online distribution was seen as something new and “other,” requiring a distinct operating model that would insulate the core business from these risky innovations. Today, of…

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Delta’s human touch smooths out a bumpy customer journey

When you map out your customer’s online journey, think about each point of interaction your users have with your data. Consider how your customer reacts to both anything you send out as well as any experience your customer has when you are delivering your product to her.

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Don’t worry, editors—content marketing will save your brand, not harm it

A former colleague from my newspaper days, who now publishes a high quality newsletter in the education sector, recently asked: “What’s the difference between news publishing and content marketing?”

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Mapping the elusive 360⁰ customer experience

Imagine a complete view of every digital interaction you have with your customer. Imagine every step of the customer journey feeding data into your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database, powered by a marketing automation platform able to send personalized messages through your website,…

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What’s next in enterprise technology? Get ready for Anything (as a Service)

One of the biggest challenges businesses face in their ongoing digital transformation efforts is modernizing core legacy systems. Quite often these systems are highly customized. They’re also running older versions of software, which can be inflexible and costly. When cloud and…

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