How exhibit disruptive behavior – and move to the head of your class a disruptor

Disruptive innovation. Digital transformation. Data is the new oil. Each of these familiar idioms in the modern business lexicon is a reminder of the head-spinning velocity of technological change and its enormous impact on business behavior and business models. 

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'Smart cities' on the rise leverage big data, commercial innovation

City populations are growing rapidly in the United States and around the world. Migration from the suburbs and rural communities to metropolitan areas is being fueled by the promise of cultural experience and diversity, education, good jobs and higher standards of living.  Indeed, we’ve now passed…

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Data and agile – Key concepts behind the buzzwords all executives should know

Hepburn and Tracy. Gin and tonic. Yin and yang. Some pairs are just meant to be, especially when their combination is greater than the sum of their parts. Today, we should be adding “data” and “agile” to this list of inseparable pairs. While these buzzwords are each familiar in their own right,…

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Is your future ‘serverless’?

Is your future ‘serverless’? Few aspects of business confound and irritate senior executives more than the IT’s addiction to trends, buzzwords and impenetrable acronyms, the seemingly endless complexity of the organization’s IT landscape, the resulting growth of technology budgets and ultimately –…

execution, strategy, serverless computing, IT management, computing evolution, IT strategy

A checklist for successful transformations

You built a strategy and a plan. Everyone signed off at the annual meeting. Great! 

execution, strategy, planning, prioritize, checklist, transform

Five Steps to Unlocking Market Opportunities

Are you worried about competitors or upstarts nibbling at pieces of your business, or worse?

Customer Centricity, execution, strategy, outside-in, market opportunity, prioritize, position

See your nonprofit through the eyes of a stranger: Hire a mystery shopper

When you’re running a nonprofit organization and focused on executing that strategic plan you wrote seven months ago, you know the world is changing around you. What can you do to get an outside-in perspective you can use to make course corrections?  

execution, nonprofits, strategy, customer journey, persona, intelligence, mysteryshopper

What to do less of? Why nonprofits struggle with resource planning

Q: How many nonprofit employees does it take to screw in a light bulb?

data, nonprofits, peterdrucker, data-driven, resource, capacityplanning, staffing, planning

Persona non grata: Five marketing personas pitfalls to avoid

 Persona non grata: Five pitfalls to marketing personas and how to avoid them

Customer Experience, customer journey, persona, marketing message

Blending on-premise legacy systems with cloud computing

An object lesson in the Salesforce acquisition of MuleSoft On March 20 Salesforce announced it had agreed to buy MuleSoft, a maker of API data integration software, for $6.5 Billion. The announcement was met with skepticism in some quarters, with analysts believing that in offering a 32-percent…

cloud, Customer Centricity, data, strategy, legacy, salesforce, mulesoft, case study, saas

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