Len Gilbert
By Len Gilbert
February 21, 2019

Sony’s journey from transformation loser to winner

Back in March, 2015 I wrote an article on the company that I saw as the biggest transformation failure in the last 20 years: Sony Corp. At the time, the company was suffering from a combination of competition from Chinese and Korean electronics..

Related topics: Digital Transformation, Corporate Strategy, Product Differentiation, Branding
Mike Mills
By Mike Mills
November 29, 2018

What to know, and avoid, to truly be a 'thought leader'

Does there exist, in the language of business and nonprofit leadership, any phrase more overused and yet misunderstood than “thought leadership”? (okay, “synergies” and “digital transformation” aren’t far behind, but you get my point). It seems..

Related topics: Thought Leadership, CSR, Corporate Strategy, Branding, innovation

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