What’s next in enterprise technology? Get ready for Anything (as a Service)

One of the biggest challenges businesses face in their ongoing digital transformation efforts is modernizing core legacy systems. Quite often these systems are highly customized. They’re also running older versions of software, which can be inflexible and costly. When cloud and…

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Using data to improve your products—four innovative approaches

We’ve heard “data is the new oil” so often it seems like it’s time to move on to “XXXX is the new data.” But the statement is more valid than ever. And, unlike black gold, virtually everyone has data in their backyard, just waiting to be mined. Below are four great examples of companies and…

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Don’t wait for a disruption to rethink your vision and mission statements

Clear vision and mission statements are the building blocks of a sound enterprise strategy. Whether you’re a for-profit business, or not-for-profit association, it’s essential to hone these statements into critical guideposts for your organization, especially now in our increasingly dynamic and…

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Are you selling what your customers are buying?

Marriott sells hotel rooms. PepsiCo sells food and beverages. Nike sells shoes and clothes. Your business sells things too: news, software, professional services, widgets…whatever. But deep down most people aren’t buying these things. What they are buying is a solution to one of their problems. So,…

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How Google dropped the ball but scored a home run

Earlier this winter, Google launched an awful product: Google Pixel Buds Bluetooth headphones ($165), which were beleaguered by the unfortunate problem of not transmitting sound. (Here’s a Wired magazine review that enumerates the headphone’s shortcomings.)

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Adopting a digital mindset—a note from dPrism’s CEO

Dear dBrief subscriber,

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Five competitors, one prize for the best customer service. Who won?

Like most of us, I seem to find myself at the end of the year interacting more than usual with retail, travel and service companies and organizations. Holiday shopping and travel explain part of it, while end-of-year deadlines and extra time off also mean more time spent on the phone and online…

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The dBrief: Best of 2017

Here’s a look back at our four most popular dBrief blog posts for 2017. We’ll return January 4 to start off 2018 with a new dBrief. Happy holidays to all our readers!

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Challenges in adopting disruptive technologies

In last week’s edition of the dBrief, Paul Bonington wrote about the “accelerated disruption” that is forecast for 2018. There can be little doubt the technologies that sparked and shaped digital transformations over the past few years are intensifying and reaching further into all areas of the…

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‘Accelerated disruption’ underpins 2018 market predictions

It’s that time of year when the analysts, researchers and pundits “look behind to look ahead,” so let’s assess the impact of digital transformation in 2017 and forecast the trends for 2018 and beyond. One message is clear: There will be no opportunity for companies to take a breather from their…

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