Mark Carberry
By Mark Carberry
January 10, 2019

Is your organization's technology a mess? You need 'Principles'

If you hold a leadership role in any type of enterprise, you’re well aware that digital technology will make or break your organization’s success. But, if you’re like many executives, you may also feel your organization is saddled with..

Related topics: Corporate Strategy, Enterprise Architecture, digital technology, Solutions Framework
Dora Chomiak
By Dora Chomiak
December 13, 2018

Putting a square peg in a round hole: Lessons from Apollo 13 on team problem-solving

The beginning of a new year is a good time to take stock. If you’re looking for a good team-building exercise to kick off 2019, try what I call the “Apollo 13 exercise:” Identify a difficult problem. Do some inventory. Dump all your stuff on a..

Related topics: Corporate Strategy, Problem Solving, Digital Transformation, teamwork
Mike Mills
By Mike Mills
November 29, 2018

What to know, and avoid, to truly be a 'thought leader'

Does there exist, in the language of business and nonprofit leadership, any phrase more overused and yet misunderstood than “thought leadership”? (okay, “synergies” and “digital transformation” aren’t far behind, but you get my point). It seems..

Related topics: Thought Leadership, CSR, Corporate Strategy, Branding, innovation
Derek Martin
By Derek Martin
November 16, 2018

Seven steps to accelerate your velocity

“If everything seems under control, you’re just not going fast enough”

Related topics: Velocity, digital disruption, execution, Digital Strategy
Richard Fusco
By Richard Fusco
November 1, 2018

Yes, your business needs a messaging app strategy

Of all the technologies and buzz words in the headlines, one has to go pretty far down the list to find “messaging apps.” This is surprising, because messaging apps are in the middle stages of disrupting communications just as deeply as Uber and..

Related topics: Messaging, Chatbots, automation, artificial intelligence
Paul Bonington
By Paul Bonington
October 18, 2018

To win with digital, get personal, fast

Most people want to feel special and unique when considering a purchase or transaction. They want to be recognized, catered to and treated as individuals with specific needs and requirements. Personal touches have long been a tool to motivate..

Related topics: Personalization, data, customer engagement, Digital Economy
Adriaan Bouten
By Adriaan Bouten
October 11, 2018

The key to retaining young professionals: Think 'digital first'

Many organizations, for-profit and nonprofit alike, remain baffled over how to create the right environment and culture for young professionals. Whether the goal is hiring and retention or attracting new society members at the early stages of..

Related topics: Digital Engagement, Employee Retention, Collaboration, Digital First
Jonathan Murray
By Jonathan Murray
October 5, 2018

Science societies should look to the past for their new operating model

The form and purpose of the modern scientific membership society is based on a template created by the guild system of early and late middle-ages Europe and the foundation of the Royal Society in England in 1660. The concept was simple:..

Related topics: science societies, Digital Transformation, open access, journal publishing
Len Gilbert
By Len Gilbert
September 27, 2018

Looking back from the future

Many dPrism engagements revolve around significant transformations of how our clients think about, and operate, their businesses. We help them identify and execute on market opportunities, new digital products and services, new business models..

Related topics: Digital Transformation, Project Managment, Project Narrative, Communication
Martin Murtland
By Martin Murtland
September 20, 2018

Five trends that will shape winning data strategies

As Amazon becomes the second company to top a market capitalization of $1 trillion and investors are all agog over FAANG (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google), what’s the single word you’d use to describe why these companies have been so..

Related topics: Digital Transformation, data, automation, platform, Digital Economy

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